Frequently Asked Questions

Why go abroad ?

Students should study abroad to 'broad'en their perspectives on the world and to reassess their place in it.

How important is it to take part in at least one student programme?

Spending time abroad as a college student is an invaluable growth experience. You learn so much about yourself and the way you adapt to different situations! It also makes you a more confident person and traveler!

How do I apply for international conferences, internships, scholarships...?

The process is so simple where Global Opportunities will be doing all the necessary efforts to make it easy as possible, all you need to do is :

  • Register at GO Platform and fill your informations, this step will be your first experience to know how to apply for the different opportunities in our platform.
  • Search for the best opportunities that we have selected for you that suits you.
  • Apply on a direct link to the opportunity.

In order to participate in global youth events, should I be a member of any student organization ?

It would be preferable to join any student organisation in order to higher your chances by showing to your engagement and motivation to develop your skills beyond your studies, BUT this doesn’t banne you for getting accepted by showing how interesting profile and achievements you have.

My CV is empty, and I have not had much experience. Do I have any chance of being selected?

In order to higher your chances to get accepted, we highly recommend you to work on your profile and achievements beyond filling your CV with irrelevant positions.

what should I do if I want to participate in international events but I don’t have financial support ?

Just apply to the different opportunities on our platform because all the opportunities we share are fully funded or partially funded.

What if they do not select my application?

You need to review or ask to another person to review your application and learn from your experience.

What about language requirements? English is not my native language?

English is the international language, most of scholarships require english proficiency test IELTS or TOEFL but still some that doesn’t. on the other half most of other programmes doesn’t require english proficiency test.

Are student programmes safe? Is it possible that I will be involved in some kind of dangerous or criminal activities?

All the programmes are safe and no need to worry about anything.

I am only interested in a few programmes, and all of the places are already taken. There are many students with better CVs and connections than me. Regardless of how hard I try, I will never be accepted for an internship or scholarship. What should I do?

The best way to be accepted next year is to seek for former scholarship winners and ask for review to collect their feedback toward your application.

Do I need many documents for my application?

The documents requirements change from a programmes to another that can require some or all of the following documents:

  • Valid Passport “No less than 6 months before expiration”
  • Recommendation letters
  • University Transcripts and diplomas
  • Personal Statement
  • Financial and Bank Statement
  • English proficiency test
  • Motivation letter “Cover Letter”
  • Picture

I have made it to the interview stage. How do I best prepare?

Make some research about the programme and what is the ideal persona they are looking for and put it in first, but never lie.

How do I apply to a programme? Do I need to contact GLOBAL OPPORTUNITIES ?

No, you don’t need us to apply for the programmes, just share with us if you get accepted so we can celebrate with you and receive a certificate from us.

Can you help me with my application?

You can attend in one of our bootcamps to learn more how to apply for the different programmes, contact us for more informations

I like your website. How do I share it with my friends?

YES, Please do.

Is GLOBAL OPPORTUNITIES just a website or do you have something else?

We have different services, as GO Ambassador, GO Study and GO World Citizen.

Why do I have to add social media accounts to my profile?

To keep yourself updated with the different opportunities and share with others.