About us

Who are we and what we do?

We are the number one Algerian’s companion for finding the best local and global opportunities for scholarships, internships, Exchange programs, Conferences, Workshops and international jobs from all over the world.at no or low cost.
We are Algeria’s pioneer in academic education and self-development, that undertakes youth’s mindset from Can’t Do to Can Do, through providing guidance to develop self-confidence and entrepreneurship skills, and get them fulfill their extreme potential and make a good impact on the world.
With our perseverance and continuous dedication to ensure that EVERYONE is getting easy and equal access to information and knowledge necessary for their growth. We got the trust of our partner organizations in more than 46 countries, and got connected to 3 million youth through our website and social networking sites.
As well as we’ve, helped aspire and active young leaders from the MENA region and Africa to solve the world’s most critical challenges.

Our vision

To empower and facilitate young people to turn every opportunity to a success and be at the forefront of sustainable global change.

Our mission


Our values